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About diabetes reversal

Diabetes Afya Limited | Nairobi Kenya

The Diabetes Reversal Program (DRP) is targeting patients with type 2 diabetes who will be enrolled in a 6-month lifestyle management programme. This intervention focuses on encouraging patients with type 2 diabetes to achieve changes in their lifestyle that address not only carbohydrate intake but also focus on healthy fats and proteins, as well as incorporating increased physical activity into their daily routine. The program is structured into 3 Phases.


3 step program to a healthy living

Diabetes reversal Program

Phase 1

Patients are seen following a specific protocol, current health status is accessed, including diabetes and comorbidities, medications and physical and metabolic …

Phase 2

Patients are invited to attend a weekly lifestyle management programme for six weeks that will reinforce dietary messages, provide peer support and encourage …

Phase 3

Having completed the above programme, patients are enrolled in a follow-up group update to help them consolidate lifestyle changes, review their goals and seek …

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