Diabetes in Kenya

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Diabetes in Kenya

The number of people living with diabetes has more than doubled over the last three decades, and according to WHO, the disease accounts for up to 20% of deaths in the country. A survey conducted by the Ministry of Heath found out that 2% of Kenyans aged 18 to 69 years are either on diabetes treatment or have raised blood glucose. The surge is mainly due to change in lifestyle leading to increased consumption of unhealthy food, physical inactivity, and subsequent obesity.

Diabetes is the leading cause of renal failure, lower limb amputation, blindness among other complications. Diabetes also triggers cardiovascular disease which is the leading cause of death in diabetic patients. The good news is Type 2 diabetes can be prevented and even reversed by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Across Kenya, community awareness about diabetes is close to zero, according to a report by WHO, most people living with diabetes in Kenya are diagnosed late, when preventing the complications of the disease is too late.

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