What is diabetes?

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What is Diabetes?

Simply put, diabetes is a condition where an individual has high blood glucose levels. The food we eat contains carbohydrate, fat, and protein. In an egg sandwich, bread is carbohydrate, butter is fat and egg is protein. Carbohydrates, in this case, bread is what increases blood glucose levels. We have compiled a few sources of carbohydrates as shown in the table below.

Cereals (Starch) Uji (Starch) Bread (Starch) Mandazi (starch and sugar) Arrowroot ( Starch) Sweet Potato (Starch) Yams (Starch)
Ugali (starch) Rice (starch) Matoke (Starch) Chips/French fries (starch) Potatoes (starch) Chapati (starch) Githeri (starch) Irio/Mukimo (starch)
Biscuits (starch and sugar) Ice cream (sugar) Fruits/fruit salad (sugar) Cake (starch and sugar) Sweets (sugar)
Soda (sugar) Fresh Fruit juice (sugar) Bitter lemon (sugar) Beer (starch) Sweet Wine (Sugar) Amarula (Sugar) Milkshake (sugar)

N/B: Excessive consumption of the above foods will increase blood sugar levels.

Progression to Diabetes:

As illustrated continued intake of excess carbohydrates may eventually lead to type 2 diabetes.

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